Writing about a trip to Japan ain't no easy thing; there's too much to say about the land of the rising sun. I've find it easier to start off with Miyajima aka One night in Miyajima aka 11 views of the floating Torii. Miyajima is a tiny island in the Setonaikai, Japan's inland sea, belonging… Continue reading Miyajima


La Niña

Last winter was a special one. We've learned La Niña events come with some outstanding surfing for us living on the western side of the Mediterranean sea, and boy we wait for that! Here you'll find the original text i wrote for a feature at Surfer Mag among other media. Kepa, Sergi and myself went… Continue reading La Niña


It's 2017 and i'm starting a blog, again? why? what for? Well, many moons ago i started a personal Blog, before social media was even real, as an outlet for my photography, thoughts and wanderings. Then the world started spinning faster and we now consume content just like we do with fast food, you get… Continue reading Blog?